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Technologies are developing at an enormous pace, human physical work is being used less and less with every passing year. Our future is fully automated technologies. This also applies to the cryptocurrency trade. Our company is an affordable, transparent and secure tool for automated trading in highly stable cryptocurrency markets, with the purpose to improve the well-being of each participant without need them to have in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency, blockchain and neural networks.

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Profit 1.5% per day
for 180 days

The best part about investing is that you don’t have to do anything to make money appear in your account. You are able to get more free time while increasing your income daily!

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Minimum deposit 0.002 BTC

The most accessible investment method available for the general public today. Even without having millions in your wallet, you have the opportunity to get a decent passive income.

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Minimum withdrawal 0.0008 BTC

An investor is usually a person who, in exchange for the opportunity of increasing profits, assumes the risk of losing his or her funds. But Luminex proves on a daily basis that this approach is outdated. Our investors are not only taking no risks, but can withdraw money at any time.

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Bonus +0.2%

Calculate your profit and get up to 51% of income per month

Register and open a deposit, and your funds will be handed over to the professional traders, you will receive 1.5% profit every day based on the amount of your deposit. You get a fixed profit, regardless of the results of the trades.

Withdraw your funds and reinvest. Thus, you can easily increase the percentage of your income from the initial deposit.

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  • Profit

  • 7.50


    per day

  • 675.00


    for the entire period

If your deposit amount reaches over $1000, you will receive a bonus in the amount of 0.2%.
1.7% - your new interest rate!

We provide guarantees It’s safe with us

By accepting the agreement, you enter into an agreement with our company.

Our company offers its clients an opportunity to get rid of the existing risks in the cryptocurrency market by assuming full responsibility for trading on the exchanges. The investor (in this case, the Client) provides the funds to be securely managed by our company. Just like if the funds were borrowed by the company. In return, our company provides interest from the profits from these funds. Regardless of the trading results, the investor makes a profit depending on the size of the deposit, without taking the bonus rates into account and at any possible outcome of the trades. The client will not lose funds in case of unsuccessful trading, but also his profit will not increase if they are very successful. At the same time, we offer a 100% guarantee of daily profit for the whole lifetime of the deposit or until you yourself decide to stop our cooperation.

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4 level referral program

If you’re not used to just sitting and waiting, be sure to use our referral program!

How to increase profits and how to make it easier? With the help of our referral program, you can receive additional profit from each new investor invited with your personal link, provided that he or she open a deposit within our program. We pay interest for each invited participant. Thus, even without making a deposit of your own, you can still multiply your profit!

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  • 1st level

  • 2nd level

  • 3rd level

  • 4th level

Representative referral program

  • 7%

    1st level

  • 5%

    2nd level

  • 3%

    3rd level

  • 1%

    4th level

  • 1%

    5th level

We offer a special referral program for major partners of our company. You can become our official representative and use your own audience or advertising company to receive profit from us.

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What is Luminex?

This is an innovative company that opens opportunities to attract the funds of investors with various financial capabilities.

What is Luminex Technology?

Luminex Technology is the technology developed by the specialists of our company that allows us to quickly and efficiently use the funds of a large number of investors at once to profit on their total amount.

Is Luminex an officially registered company?

Our company is officially registered, and works legally. All documents are presented on the company's website. By starting your work with this service, you enter into an agreement with us.